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Cashback offers - photo & printing

Do you like buying online? Your mates do or want to start doing so? Your boss buys office supplies in a regular retail shop? Use your personal link for all of these purchases and get a cashback to your BombLogic account.

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Royalty free stock pictures and high resolution photos

Available for: internationally

Foto.com has a photo processing capacity of 1 800 000 photos per day and still expanding

Available for: United Kingdom
15 %
7.5 %

is online store for discount printer ink cartridges and toner cartridges

Available for: internationally
15 %
7.5 %

25 Fotos GRATIS, viele Rabattaktionen, Online-Fotoalben mit 1 Gb Speicherplatz

Available for: Germany

What to do?

Click on offer name or banner, make a purchase or create a new account (free offers). Or..

Copy Your personal link (Cntr-C) and send it to person which will make a purchase.

Note: in order to get rewarded

• You need to be logged-in and participate in offers by clicking on offer banner, title or button.

• please use only Your personal links that contains all necessary information for successful tracking - Your ID and offer ID (You must be logged in)

Otherwise we are unable to track Your sign-ups or purchases

Cashback reward will be added to Your account when transaction will be registered (usually within 24h) and after 1-45 days it will be added to Your ballance

Note: please do not parcipiate in free registration offers if You are not interested in subject.

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